About Me

Artist's Rendering

Artist's Rendering

I play games and sometimes I make games.

My interests are making games, computer networks, cybersecurity, science fiction, body horror, the Cthulhu Mythos, tabletop roleplaying games, and transhumanism. Among others.

If you want to find me on the Tumbles, I'm over here.

About The Site

This is where I put links to the games I help make. The sillier ones are generally hosted directly on this site over in the Monsterworks.
The website itself is hosted by my Raspberry Pi.
I made this site (simple as it is) from the ground up. I installed and configured Apache manually and all this HTML is hand-written. This explains why everything is so terrible here.

Stuff I've Done

A lot of the stuff here contains my fleshname, so beware finding out who I actually am.

Game Stuff:

Pandora: Purge of Pride

A first-person physics-based puzzle game built in Unity by High Class Kitsch.

Joan's Adventure of Magic

Built for the iamagamer.ca game jam. Help Joan of Arc interpret visions from God and drive the English out of France.

You're a Gonner Trail

A game built in Unity where you must save souls from falling into the river Styx.

Magical Cyborg Mitsuki!?

Made for the Magical Girl Jam in RPG Maker VX Ace.

Conway's Game of War

Made by High Class Kitsch for the Indie Game Collective's jamBOX game jam.

The Monsterworks

Non-Game Stuff:

KILROY Sketch Comedy

KILROY is WPI's campus sketch comedy group. I was an active member from A-term of 2009 to D-term of 2013.