Coming Soon: A Thing in Chains

Sines of the Father: Adventures in Triggernometry

You are a FATHER. You have a JOB with a nice PENSION. You conform to TRADITIONAL GENDER ROLES. You must bring home the BACON. Your JOB is to fly around and shoot BADGUYS with your SINE WAVE POWERS. The more BADGUYS you shoot the more BACON you get.

LShift/LCtrl: Increase/Decrease amplitude
LAlt: Change Y-offset of sine wave
r: Reset sine wave
Space: Shoot
Up/Down: Reverse direction of sine wave

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You are WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE. Except now you have a CHAINSAW. BADGUYS are trying to take the CHAINSAW. APPLY CHAINSAW TO BADGUYS.

LCtrl: Apply chainsaw
Arrow keys: move around 'n' stuff

Magical Cyborg Mitsuki!?

Made for Magical Girl Jam in RPG Maker VX Ace.


An experiment in Unity

W/A/S/D: Move
Mouse: Look


Get some delicious source (requires Unity)


Cyberpunk runner-like-like game.

Arrow keys: move
Spacebar: shoot malicious packets

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An RPG Maker VX Ace game where you play as a dragon who must wrest control of their realm from the humans who have taken over while they slumbered. Made by request.
Requires the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP, or get the 'With RTP' version.

Arrow keys: move
Z: action/confirm
X: cancel

The Archive of Codicies

Four adventurers have been tasked with retrieving the Codex of Power from the Archive of Codicies. A short RPG Maker VX Ace dungeon crawl based on a Dungeons and Dragons game I ran for some friends.
Requires the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP, or get the 'With RTP' version.

The Nemesis Forge

A dark figure stitches monsters together in a forboding castle. It does not remember much of its past, but it remembers its mission. It has business of a personal nature in Castle Hopeseed...
The Nemesis Forge is a short RPG featuring a story told from two viewpoints with multiple endings as well as a customizable party of monsters. Created for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest.

Arrow keys: move
Z: action/confirm
X: cancel

Blood Cross

Warning: contains sadness, blood, death, cannibalism, squelching, and swearing.
A short supernatural high school horror game made in RPG Maker VX Ace. It's just a normal day at school, until the school changes...
Uses assets from the Corpse Party series of games, which are copyrighted by Team GrisGris. Assets ripped from the games were found here.

Arrow keys: move
Z: action/confirm
X: cancel

A Panoply of Daemons

Some fallen angel descriptions from Paradise Lost getting the A Thing in Chains treatment. Doesn't work so well, but nice if you want a random slurry of vaugely Biblical language.